Traditional Crafts of TokyoTraditional Crafts of Tokyo 東京の伝統工芸品

Creator Collaboration

Traditional crafts meet modern creativity in the form of fashion, craft, jewelry and more.
The goal is to create appealing products through the collaboration of craftsmen and creators.

Allow us to introduce the scheduled collaboration content.

KEITAMARUYAMA × Edo Oshi-e HagoitaKEITAMARUYAMA × Edo Oshi-e Hagoita


Debuted at the Tokyo Collection in 1994, and Paris Fashion Week in 1997.
He suggested a new mode elegant under the concept of "clothes to wear on sunny days/clothes to satisfy".
Utilizing unique color and embroidery, he has developed wedding dresses, yukata, and other items in addition to his collection line. They are currently on sale at the Isetan Shinjuku Store beside his flagship shop, Maruyama-Tei.

Keita Maruyama

Designer Keita MaruyamaGraduated from Bunka Fashion College, and made his debut at the Tokyo Collection in 1994. He has revealed collections at shows all around the world.
He plays an active role as a musician, actor and stage costume creator, as well as participating in brands and event direction.
He produced JAL's uniform in recent years, and opened the concept store Maruyama-Tei in 2016.

HOUSE OF LOTUS × Edo Tsumami- KanzashiHOUSE OF LOTUS × Edo Tsumami- Kanzashi


HOUSE OF LOTUS is a life craft brand from Karen Kirishima, expressing aesthetic sense and philosophy cultivated through experiences in many countries and cultures from the perspectives of "dressing", "living", and "entertaining". The concept is "Happiness of Life".

Karen Kirishima

Designer Karen KirishimaBorn in 1964. She came into the limelight in 1986 as the poster girl of a major cosmetic company. Since then, she worked as a model, actress, singer and radio personality. She married photographer Yoshihiko Ueda in 1993, and is the mother of 4 children. At present, she travels all around the world as Creative Director of life craft brand "HOUSE OF LOTUS".

REBIRTH PROJECT × Tokyo Gakubuchi Edo Moku-hangaREBIRTH PROJECT × Tokyo Gakubuchi Edo Moku-hanga


"What must human beings do to survive on the Earth?" From that statement, this project revisits the influence of human beings on the environment and society, and strives to create lifestyles and new business models for the future. Under representative Yusuke Iseya, various artists and creators assemble to investigate this issue and take action.

WHIZ LIMITED × Edo Tegaki ChochinWHIZ LIMITED × Edo Tegaki Chochin


Established in 2000.
Hiroaki Shitano from Tokyo started WHIZ LIMITED from with an autumn & winter collection in 2000.
The brand concept is that of "individual clothing", offering design-conscious apparel to a street scene where a basic style was mainstream. The worldview known as TOKYO STREET was developed to surpass frameworks like modes and streets.
Their flagship shop "LUMP TOKYO" opened in Harajuku in 2003.
They have collaborated with brands and enterprises such as with Adidas, New Balance, Puma, Reebok, Converse, Asics, Levi's, ©Disney, Marvel, Fragment Design, Stussy, MEDICOM TOY, New Era, Mita Sneakers, and more.
Participated in the Spring/Summer Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Tokyo for the first time in 2012.

Hiroaki Shitano

Designer Hiroaki ShitanoBorn in 1976, Tokyo
Representative of LUMP co., ltd.
Designer of WHIZ LIMITED

e.m. × Tokyo Ginkie.m. × Tokyo Ginki


Founded in 1996 under the concepts of "making products to delight everyone" and "making products that seem unlikely", e.m. is a brand that handles jewelry and interior products by Eijiro Nakatani and Masayoshi Tobita Masayoshi.


Their original ideas and worldview satisfy people of all ages. In addition to select shops, they run company stores all across the country.
Not only do they have experience with jewelry and interior design, they also handle the design and direction of space and graphics.