Traditional Crafts of Tokyo 東京の伝統工芸品Traditional Crafts of Tokyo 東京の伝統工芸品

Tokyo Gakubuchi

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Painters, art dealers and art collectors: Our customers are giving the largest number of requests in the world.
Painters regard picture frames as part of own work and take pride in the completeness that they provide. Whereas art dealers look to frames to add extra value to paintings, art collectors are interested in the integration of paintings with interior spaces. That is why there is no standard design for picture frames; no ready-made picture frame can meet a special or specific demand. The craftsmen of Tokyo Gakubuchi (picture frames) listen to the requests of painters and art dealers, and create the best designs, sometimes based on consultation with the client. In the picture frame manufacturing process that developed in the 19th century with the popularization of Western art, Sashimono (cabinetwork), sculpture, and coating craftsmen were separately involved. In Tokyo Gakubuchi, these independent skills are brought together and applied in a continuous operation to produce frames that reflect various demands. Clients trust the craftsmen’s sense of beauty and their experience, including a method for matching the painting colors to the display space, in addition to a technique for creating a grainy texture through coating. Although a particular design may be copied for picture frames intended for printmaking, the craftsman places importance on his/her manual work in order to make each picture frame special.
Tokyo Picture Frame Manufacturing Cooperative Association
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