CRAFT CROSSINGS in TOKYO 第34回 伝統的工芸品月間国民会議全国大会 東京大会 11.3FRI-11.6MONCRAFT CROSSINGS in TOKYO 第34回 伝統的工芸品月間国民会議全国大会 東京大会 11.3FRI-11.6MON


Edo-tegaki-chochin (hand-drawn lanterns)

Drawing Japanese characters on paper lanterns

Choose 1 from 夢, 光, 海, 月, 風, 美, 花, 空, 雲, 鳥, 愛, 道 (dream, light, sea, moon, wind, beauty, flower, sky, cloud, bird, love, road)

Edo-tegaki-chochin Workshop

Mini #4 Lantern Classroom Experience
1. Choose from 1 of 12 characters to write on your lantern.
2. Draw a silhouette with black paint on the lantern with your chosen characters written on it.
3. Fill in the silhouette with 1 of 12 colors.
4. When the paint dries, fold the lantern to complete it.
Lesson Time:60 minutes

Target Age:No age restriction

Capacity (group):10 people/per lesson

Workshop Dates:11/6(mon)

Cost (consumption tax included):¥2,160

○ Workshop Meeting Place: Come to the Glass Building Experience Area in the Tokyo International Forum Hall B5 Lobby.
○ Workshop Meeting Time: Please come 10 minutes before the time you have applied for (the start time).
※ If you can not come at the meeting time, priority will be given to people who sign up on the day of the workshop.
In order for as many people to participate as possible, we ask for your understanding and cooperation.