Traditional Crafts of Tokyo 東京の伝統工芸品Traditional Crafts of Tokyo 東京の伝統工芸品

Tokyo Uchihamono

Tokyo Uchihamono Photo

In this country, even scissors are hardened in the same manner as Japanese swords.
Tokyo Uchihamono (hand-forged blades)has its roots in Japanese sword-making tradition. After 1871, when possession of Japanese swords was prohibited by law, many swordsmiths were forced to be makers of cutting tools for both professional and personal use. The techniques used to manufacture the Tokyo Uchihamono products are those originally developed by traditional swordsmiths and the craftsmen use only the best grade of Yasuki-hagane (steel from Yasuki area), a Japan-specific type of steel. The quality of the Tokyo Uchihamono products, lasting sharpness and good resistance against edge damage, owes much to Yasuki-hagane, whose production process eliminates foreign matter to the maximum degree possible. Kitchen knives and scissors are manufactured through the processes of heating the Jigane (base iron) and steel to 1,000˚C and then beating out the shape with a metal hammer to produce beautiful lines and brilliant sheen. Whereas European cutting tools need to have a certain amount of force applied to make them cut, Tokyo Uchihamono kitchen knives slice items without any need for force. One characteristic of these knives is exemplified by Japanese-style swords that do not cut under force but, rather, with only a light touch. Tokyo Uchihamono’s scissors are so accurate that they will securely cut every fiber. They will never tire users. Tokyo Uchihamono are products that will last a lifetime because their effective lives are said to be 100 years.
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