CRAFT CROSSINGS in TOKYO 第34回 伝統的工芸品月間国民会議全国大会 東京大会 11.3FRI-11.6MONCRAFT CROSSINGS in TOKYO 第34回 伝統的工芸品月間国民会議全国大会 東京大会 11.3FRI-11.6MON

Echizen Uchihamono

Echizen Uchihamono Photo

When a swordsmith from Kyoto came to this area in search of raw materials at the beginning of the Muromachi period (1392-1573), it seems they made some sickles of the local farmers and this marked the beginning of forging in the area. During the Edo period (1600-1868) with patronage from the Fukui clan, blades made in Echizen were sold all over the country. In 1980, Echizen Uchihamono was the first production center for forged blades to be awarded the nationally recognized Traditional Craft Product accolade. Knives, scissors, hatchets and sickles are the main products being fashioned using time honored Japanese forging skills before being finished by hand.