CRAFT CROSSINGS in TOKYO 第34回 伝統的工芸品月間国民会議全国大会 東京大会 11.3FRI-11.6MONCRAFT CROSSINGS in TOKYO 第34回 伝統的工芸品月間国民会議全国大会 東京大会 11.3FRI-11.6MON

Tokyo Tokogei

General artistic goods merging into life and body.
To (rattan) is a vegetable in the family Palmae, mainly found in Southeast Asia, and it has flexible, light but robust characteristics. This is better for rolling up work and binding work than bamboo, andhas long been used for various products. Craftsmen, who declare rattan as their first choice for Tokyo Tokogei (rattan craft), stick to Indonesian and Malaysian rattanmaterials that breathe well, havinggood durability, and generate no waste. Of course, the long-inherited skills are of a high level. All assembly work is done manually and care is taken to ensure that no nails are left exposed. Craftsmen change the braiding technique to find the best tension and hardness for specific parts, and make knots to eliminate any sliding. These skills are the result of their determination to utilize 100% of the material while pursuing functionality. Responding to the changing needs of the times, they are willing to repair old rattanproducts, in line with the concept that manual work is a work for the soul. Their stools, chairs and cool-touch beds, as well as their soft, flexible pillows are also winning the hearts of non-Japanese people. When it is used for Bonsai (potted plant) tables, many people in other countries enjoy the texture of Tokyo Tokogei as a display item.
Rattan Manufacturing Cooperative Association
Address: c/o Konishi Trading CO., LTD 30-6, Yanagibashi 1-chome, Taito-ku,