CRAFT CROSSINGS in TOKYO 第34回 伝統的工芸品月間国民会議全国大会 東京大会 11.3FRI-11.6MONCRAFT CROSSINGS in TOKYO 第34回 伝統的工芸品月間国民会議全国大会 東京大会 11.3FRI-11.6MON

Tokyo International Forum

A great collection of traditional crafts from Tokyo and across Japan.
In addition to the exhibition and sale of traditional crafts, there are plenty of notable events such as
collaboration product exhibitions and trial events at the Tokyo International Forum.

Tokyo International Forum

40 items from Tokyo and more than 50 nationwide exhibitors have booths in Hall B7. Roofed enclosures allow
attendees to enjoy the booths as if they were entering a shop.

Look, touch, buy: A top-class traditional craft market

40 items designated from Tokyo and over 50 traditional craft exhibitors from across Japan have gathered for the exhibition and sale of charming handicrafts. If you come across a piece you like, we recommend speaking with a member of the store staff. Hearing about the background and assembly method that formed the handicraft, as well as the techniques of the artisans themselves, is certain to leave attendees in shock and awe. What’s more, the handicrafts are created by the hands of artisans, making each one particularly unique. The touch of the cloth, the difference in texture, the depth of color... You can examine such minute details in a way only available to traditional crafts. We hope that you try choosing one for yourself!

Traditional Crafts in Contemporary Form: TOKYO TeshigotoTokyo traditional crafts were polished and refined by the techniques and spirit of enterprising Edo period artisans. They became beloved by the masses, and were passed down through the ages. The TOKYO Teshigoto project shines a spotlight on traditional techniques, demonstrating the appeal of fine artisan handwork to the world from Japan. Artisans and designers join hands over a year to create new traditional crafts and they are on display.

Videos of artisan handwork are up on theTOKYO Teshigoto brand website:

The traditional craftsmen technique contest:
Japan Master of Traditional Crafts Society Exhibition
Traditional craftsmen are artisans recognized as the leading successors of traditional craft techniques and skills designated by the country; in other words, top-class artisans. The 20th Japan Traditional Crafts Exhibition is a place for these artisans to compete with the advanced techniques honed with great devotion through their works. This is a unique opportunity to learn more about Japan’s foremost craftsmanship. We recommend seeing these for yourself.
Last year’s contest. We look forward to seeing what products the artisans craft this year.

A talking event revolving around traditional crafts,
and an artisan demonstration area.
A traditional craft talk and interactive stage event will be held in Hall B5. There will also be a meeting place within the hall for attendee participation events, as well as an area demonstrating advanced techniques cultivated by artisans, such as dying, lacquer work, ceramics and woodwork. You can observe up-close the traditional crafts created by these artisans. We also recommend the exhibition of works by young Tokyo artisans in the venue!
Do not miss the work exhibition of young Tokyo artisans in Hall B5. Experience the sense of next-generation artisans.

Don’t miss the interactive traditional crafts workshop!We will hold workshops in Hall B5 and the conference rooms of the convention to experience traditional crafts. Highly-skilled traditional craftsmen will participate to tech attendees weaving, ceramic painting, brush crafting, accessory crafting and more.
Being able to experience multiple traditional crafts in one place is what makes this convention so special. Attendees will understand the pleasure of making something with their own hands, as well as the tremendous skill required by artisans. Challenge yourself to become an artisan in your own right... Perhaps even take your own creation home as a souvenir!

Creator Collaboration

Traditional crafts meet modern creativity in the form of fashion, craft, jewelry and more.
The goal is to create appealing products through the collaboration of craftsmen and creators.
To open at the Tokyo International Forum.

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